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Where To Buy Beef

All beef produced is born on our farm - direct farm to table! We oversee every aspect of the beef's development and production. Our beef is available for purchase in 1/4, 1/2, and whole beef portions.

where to buy beef

Beef is available to purchase in quarters, halves or whole portions. Our beef is home raised and fed where they are backgrounded on grass and finished on a corn based diet. Our beef is natural with no added hormones and can be cut to customers specifications.

We sell our beef as quarters and halves, almost exclusively as premium ground beef. Our ground beef is retired dairy cows & we have a set price per final pound of ground beef. That includes the fee you pay to our local locker/butcher.

We sell custom quarter, half and whole beef as well as individual, inspected beef cuts. Our Monthly Meat Provision is a convenient option for regular, monthly meat deliveries right to your door.

We raise Limousin and Angus cross cattle, providing beef as individual cuts, bundles, whole, halves and quarters all are USDA inspected. We sell off the farm, pick up locations across the Des Moines Metro and on ChopLocal.

TVR Beef is grain fed and harvested hormone and antibiotic free. We have extensive records and documentation of how animals are cared for which is available upon request. Beef is available for purchase in quarters, half and whole beef portions. Our family has been raising beef for five generations.

Saucijsjes, also known as pigs in a blanket, are available from our own recipe comprised of beef and pork. Our beef is grain fed with enhanced Omega qualities. Beef is available for purchase in quarter and bundles sizes.

Our beef is home raised and fed a corn-based diet from birth to market. No added hormones. Can be cut to customers specifications. Currently selling by quarter and halves. Willing to do split quarters if there is enough interest.

Our beef is 100% grass fed beef raised on our century family farm from birth to harvest. Individual cuts and bundles are available for purchase via our website, beef shares (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and whole), and the following grocery stores: Wheatsfield Cooperative in Ames, Simply Nourished in Clear Lake, and Simply Nourished in Mason City.

The Iowa Beef Industry Council is funded by the Beef Checkoff Program, and supports all types of beef production. Click here to learn more about the Iowa Beef Industry Council and the Beef Checkoff Program.

It became apparent that many meat connoisseurs were not able to get quality meats at their local butcher shops, and many also could not get the transparency needed to know exactly where their food was sourced from. Through The Wagyu Shop, you are now able to access high quality meats from reputable and trustworthy farmers and suppliers. Our focus is on the famous Wagyu beef genetics and quality husbandry provided by quality producers.

Prized for its excellence, flavor, and eating experience, Wagyu beef and other rare breeds have been gaining popularity in the US. We hope to share these experiences with you by providing the highest quality ingredients for your next eating excursion with friends and family. Our wide selection of Wagyu beef will impress all your guests at your next event, whether that be your famous 4th of July barbecue or your loved one's birthday.

According to the USDA, there is no evidence to suggest that food produced in the United States can transmit COVID-19. Learn about food safety during the COVID-19 crisis and how to properly store, prepare, and cook your beef purchases.

Aspen Ridge Natural Angus Beef is currently sold throughout select states across the country. We are working hard to bring our Natural beef to stores near you. Check back often to see if your favorite grocer is carrying Aspen Ridge beef.

The beef community has a long-standing commitment to caring for their animals and providing families with the safest, highest-quality beef possible. The Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program trains farmers and ranchers on best practice cattle management techniques to ensure their animals and the environment are cared for.

To the beef community, sustainability involves more than environmental considerations. A sustainable food supply balances efficient production with environmental, social and economic impacts with Beef Quality Assurance protocols.

Today beef is produced using fewer resources than ever before. But conservation is never complete; ranchers work hard to feed a growing population, while, at the same time, reduce water use, care for the land, and protect the environment.

Photo courtesy of BeefItsWhatsForDinner.comLoinHome to some of the most tender cuts of beef, such as the tenderloin, strip steak, T-bone and porterhouse steaks, loin cuts taste great prepared on a grill or under a broiler.see recipeLoinHome to some of the most tender cuts of beef, such as the tenderloin, strip steak, T-bone and porterhouse steaks, loin cuts taste great prepared on a grill or under a broiler.see recipePhoto courtesy of

Photo courtesy of BeefItsWhatsForDinner.comCHUCKComing from the shoulder area, this primal yields cuts known for their rich, beefy flavor. Various roasts, perfect for slow cooking, come from this cut as well as grill-ready cuts like the flat iron steak. see recipeCHUCKComing from the shoulder area, this primal yields cuts known for their rich, beefy flavor. Various roasts, perfect for slow cooking, come from this cut as well as grill-ready cuts like the flat iron steak. see recipePhoto courtesy of

Photo courtesy of BeefItsWhatsForDinner.comPLATEThe short plate is right under the rib and has a higher fat content. This is home to short ribs, ground beef and skirt steak.PLATEThe short plate is right under the rib and has a higher fat content. This is home to short ribs, ground beef and skirt steak.Photo courtesy of

Bursting with bold flavors,El Monterey Extra Crunchy Taco Seasoned Beef & Cheese Taquitos are sure to please both crowds and your family members. They are made with real beef, two cheeses, and Mexican spices in a crispy seasoned tortilla.

Pho is an incredibly delicious food, but it is often LOADED with sugar! Our Pho is made with our beef broth, Stressless - grass fed, grass finished beef bones simmered low and slow to develop that traditional Pho taste. With notes of basil, mint, ginger and star anise, Stressless is a delicious addition to the FOND line up.

If you want the purest jerky in the game, you gotta go straight to the source. We've partnered with the best Natural Black Angus beef producers in the land to lock up supply & guarantee the best tasting, best textured, and freshest beef jerky on the market.

We started Righteous Felon so we'd always have an epic snack to take with us on snowboarding adventures, fishing trips, music festivals, and general aimless wandering through wild world...and still believe that's where it's best served. Whether you're taking our meat snacks on a road trip, up Kilimanjaro, or simply crushing a bag in the comforts of your own couch - we want to see it! Snap a photo and tag us on Instagram so we can share with the world! You might just get some free jerky out of it as well...

Greenridge All-Natural Beef Snack Sticks are a versatile and convenient option for those looking for a protein-packed snack. They can be added to charcuterie boards for entertaining, included in school lunches, or enjoyed on their own as a quick and healthy snack. These snack sticks are made with all-natural ingredients, free from any added nitrates, nitrites, or preservatives, and gluten-free! High in protein and keto-friendly, Greenridge beef sticks are a great on-the-go alternative for people looking for a natural and healthy snack option.

Oz provides a stellar alternative to Japanese Wagyu that scores an 8 or 9 on the Wagyu Marbling Scores. Given slight differences in genetics, Australian Wagyu beef mature faster than their Japanese counterparts. This increases the amount of marbling in the premium cuts and slightly alters the texture.

Impress loved ones with our multitude of premium selections for envy-inducing transformational Wagyu experiences. Taste the difference in our burgers, ground beef, tomahawks, and even filets with our exclusive Wagyu selections.

Make a statement during the holidays or any occasion with A5 Australian Wagyu beef. Our exclusive wet-aged and dry-aged cuts have certificates of authenticity to complement our stellar customer service and fast shipping. Place your order today!

Midwest Best Beef Sells locally not only to provide a source of great beef and pork, but it allows our customers to have a connection and a relationship with the farm and family that produces that beef and pork.

At Midwest Best Beef, we dry Age all of our beef. By doing this it produces not only a more tender cut of meat, but it also concentrates the flavor and produces meat that is superior in taste and texture.

Fast forward a couple of years, store shelves seem to be back to normal. But people still want to connect with their local farmers and ranchers, and still want to buy local beef, and this resource is still here to serve!

Our 100% grass fed and finished beef is raised in the U.S.A. by family farmers focused on using rotational grazing practices and creating lush, green pastures free of chemicals and pesticides. They are never fed grains or given antibiotics!

This is what truly sets our beef sticks apart. We use old world methods of fermenting our sticks so they are shelf stable without the use of chemicals or questionable ingredients. Virtually all other similar snack stick products use GMO corn-based citric acid encapsulated in hydrogenated oils to process their products. Thanks to this fermentation process, each stick contains gut-friendly probiotics! 041b061a72

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