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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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English Plus 1 Teachers Book Pdf

the terms current affairs and global awareness are bandied about frequently in the public discourse. educators should not be intimidated by the term; current affairs concerns all aspects of human knowledge. current affairs teaching and learning in the 21st century by kathy l. sodersten gives us a clear and comprehensive introduction to current affairs, global awareness, and how to use them to make learning more effective in the classroom. sodersten offers a wide range of suggestions for teachers who wish to teach current affairs in the classroom. she suggests that all content areas be considered current affairs topics and that some topics be avoided. she outlines how and why to teach current affairs and points out how to integrate the topics into the regular curriculum.

english plus 1 teachers book pdf

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laurie charlesworth has been the director of the university of alberta esl program for over 10 years. her career in teaching and education has been matched by her career in research and publishing. she has recently published two books that have been a bestseller in canada and in the u.s. both books will be useful for teaching and learning language in the classroom. the first book strategies for teaching esl has received positive reviews and charlesworth shares strategies for teachers who want to teach efl. charlesworth focuses on the importance of continuous assessment and giving feedback, on adapting the curriculum to fit the learner, and on the importance of speaking and listening.

teachers are so busy they sometimes feel that they have no time to plan lessons. some teachers choose to fill out lesson plans each day, making planning lessons by ellen feely with melissa zahn. feely shares her expertise in how to plan lessons based on different learning styles and how to adapt lessons for different groups of learners. she offers helpful tips for designing and completing a lesson plan and provides a variety of examples.

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