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God Eater Episode 4

A 12-minute prequel original video animation was made by Ufotable and aired on September 28, 2009.[4] Ufotable later animated an anime television series directed by Takayuki Hirao with character designs by Keita Shimizu.[5] The anime is part of the franchise's fifth anniversary. The series began airing on July 12, 2015 on Tokyo MX, BS 11, and other stations after the first episode was delayed by a week due to production issues and a special short titled God Eater Extra aired in its place.[6] Four extra episodes have preempted regular episodes that were previously scheduled. After episode nine aired as the final initial run televised episode, the remaining episodes aired in March 2016.[7] The opening theme is "Feed A" by Oldcodex and the ending theme is "Ruined Land" performed by Go Shiina feat. Naomi. Ufotable used hand-drawn animation to animate the God Arc weapons as opposed to computer animation.

God Eater Episode 4

This episode blew my mind, for way too many reasons. The musical score was downright gorgeous and spine-tingling. The moment when the mutated aragami appeared was accompanied by a dark medieval hymn, with opera-esque singing and organ. Then the second score came with the slow and tragic defeat of Lenka and Alisa. A sad piano piece, accompanied with what I can only describe would be children singing at a funeral. The mood was just perfectly set the entire way through, and I could feel myself shivering watching these scenes.

When I got home from school yesterday, I forgot that the first episode was already subbed. I only found out that it was aired with subtitles when I am browsing through my facebook account. So, yeah even though my body is really exhausted I decided to watch it.

The first episode of the God Eater anime will be delayed by one week, from its scheduled broadcast on July 5th on Tokyo MX at 10:30pm JST to July 13th at the same time and place. On July 5th a special broadcast will be aired titled God Eater Extra. The reason for the delay is that the production staff felt that the episode was not up to the quality that they would deliver. A similar incident occurred when the pre-screening of the first episode was cancelled, citing issues with production schedules as the reason. 041b061a72

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