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The Benefits of Having a VPN Access Manager Serial Key for Your VPN Network

a. when you purchase any term plus or apex license (or swss for plus perpetual or vpn only), a contract number will be generated for your purchase, this usually takes at least a few days from the time the license pak is electronically delivered. please speak with your reseller if you have not received this contract number from them. the contract number needs to be attached to your id in order to enable sw center access and the ability to open a tac case. we recommend that you link your contract to their id by mailing with the contract # and their id. it is very important that your customer profile address information matches the address information on the contract prior to attempting to link a contract or sending an email. the contract number is not the same as your product activation key (pak).

Vpn Access Manager Serial Key

openvpn access server now offers a subscription model that is very similar to the subscription model. the subscription model has been around for many years and is well understood. it has the advantage of being flat rate: one rate per month for unlimited simultaneous connections. it also has the benefit of charging only for the actual connections, not for the ip address of the vpn subscription model offers you the benefit of not having to create an it department for your organization. we continue to offer both flat rate and subscription based pricing.

i. you can install the license key on one serial number at a time. you can select a different serial number by clicking on the number. after you select a serial number, click add again to add it to the list.

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