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My Swimming Trunks Have Been Sucked Off

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My Swimming Trunks Have Been Sucked Off

Before I had time to think or react, Sharon was swimming over to me with Lisa not far behind. She must have saw my erection as I noticed that her eyes bulged a little. She didn't say anything but asked why I'd swam to the edge. I said that I was getting cold and was thinking of getting out of the pool. Lisa sort of agreed with me and climbed out the pool straight away. Her one piece bikini was clinging to her body an there was a hint of camel-toe. She scampered off to the changing room. Sharon stayed with me in the water and asked me to tell her what I thought of Lisa.

I told Sharon that I thought Lisa was very nice. To be honest I didn't really have the vocabulary to respond with anything else. Sharon told me that Lisa really liked me and thought that I was fun to be around. I had stood up in the water now and was getting ready to climb out of the pool when Sharon stopped me dead in my tracks. She'd placed her had on top of my cock! She told me that it was a bad idea to get out the water with that happening in my trunks. I couldn't really argue.

Sharon lost the next game to me for a dare and I asked to see between her legs. "You want to see my fanny?" She asked. Me, not knowing the medical name for her crotch never mind the slang just nodded. Without a second thought Sharon lifted her skirt and pulled aside the skimpy panties and there in all its glory was her pussy. A few wisps of red hair surrounded it and although I didn't know it at the time, her apparantly well fucked slit stood out clearly to both Lisa and I. Again, she said we could touch if we wanted. This time I didn't get a look-in as Lisa was straight there. I don't know if she knew what she was doing, although looking back now it seems apparant to me that she did, went straight for her clit. Whether it was instinct or previous knowledge of female anatomy was unclear at that age to me. I watched Lisa fondle Sharon with amazement as her fingers moved the half inch from her clit to disappear inside the slit of her cunt. Sharon must have been wet already as I heard a distinct squelching sound as Lisa moved her fingers back and forth between the pussy slit and clit.

Glancing over my shoulder I saw Lisa with her fingers stuffed as far as they'd go into her mouth. Obviously Sharon could already see this and it was turning her on. I felt quite proud of myself when I heard the same squelching noises coming from Sharon and when I saw Lisa sucking her fingers I did the same, tasting quim for the very first time. I can't remember what that first time tasted like, but I have to say I've been addicted to the taste ever since!

A week after Haleys birthday we had a date. We went swimming in a lake. You had to pay for swimming there, but in turn, there were changing cabins. We changed in different cabins, I just put on simple trunks. Haley changed into a swimsuit. I usually prefer bikinis, but her swimsuit was so tight fitting, it was sexier than any bikini could have been. We were shy around each other, like teenagers on a first date. I complimented her on her looks and she blushed. Then I took her hand. She hesitated for a split second, but then smiled. Me:"It feels right."H:"yes."We chose a place to put our blanket down, then directly went swimming. It was a hot summer day, so a lot of people were at the lake, especially on the lakefront. So we decided to swim to the middle of the lake. When we got there we started making out. Wasnt so easy since we had to stay afloat. We failed and laughed alot, but some kisses landed where they belonged. Eventually, we swam back. We stayed in the water for a while longer. We had brought some picnic stuff, some bread, cheese, grapes. We ate some, then Haley laid on her back. I started feeding her grapes, then started throwing them so she had to catch them with her mouth. Afterwards we went swimming once again, before we decided to leave. I pulled Haley into a "Family" cabin. I hugged her from behind and slit my fingers between her legs. She moaned softly, so I put a hand on her mouth. When my fingers went into her pussy, it was already wet. And no, not from water. She bent over and I dropped my trunks. I pushed her suit bottoms aside and slit my dick right in her wet hole. I went in so fast, a muffled moan escaped her throat. I pulled out a little to ease the tension, but she immediately pushed her hips back and herself onto my dick. In a few moments we were fucking hard. We made sure not to make any noises or shake the walls. Her pussy gushed after just a few minutes. She signaled me to stop and went down on her knees. Her lips and mouth felt warm against my dick. She sucked me off like she needed my cum to survive. I came after just a few seconds. She swallowed every bit of cum.

I confess that I want to have sex with my friend's sister. Before my friend Eddy moved a couple states away, I used to go over to his house on a pretty regular basis. This was back when we were about 12 years old and liked to pick on his younger sister, Maive, who was 7 years old. She would try to bother us in return, but it was usually in the form of tattling. That summer, I joined Eddy and his family at their lake house (which was really more of a small cottage) further north for the weekend. I thought it was odd that his sister was naked often but it turned me on, despite the age difference, and I had to hide a few hard ons. She came out of the bedroom once when her parents weren't in the cottage, she was naked, and she kicked her legs up and sang a weird song about Chinese Chickens. I was watching between her legs the whole time, since she had only nipples up top. She went into the bedroom when she finished her song and put on some clothes. The next day, after swimming, Eddy, Maive and I all walked up the hill to the cottage and went in the bedroom to change. The bedroom was small, and had two sets of bunk beds. One for girls and one for boys. I was expecting Maive to change in the bathroom, but she took off the top and then the bottom of her bikini right in front of both of us, revealing her pink nipples and smooth, pale vagina (which she called her "mini butt"). Eddy was unfazed, and took off his trunks as if this happened every day. I took off my trunks and my penis stuck out, embarrassingly. Maive saw my erect penis, reached over, pushed it down, watched it bounce back up, and giggled a little. I noticed then that my Eddy was uncircumcised. I asked "why does your wiener look weird?" and he just said "I don't know" Then Maive walked over to him and stretched his foreskin a little. "Boys have a weenie and girls have a tickle spot" she said, standing next to her brother. "Touch it" she said to me, pushing her pelvis in my direction a bit. I nervously extended a finger and brushed the middle of her vagina a little. "See, it tickles" she said. I sat down on the bunk bed behind me and looked at her vagina, admired its smoothness, its softness, trying hard not to get up and grind my penis on it. "What are you staring at?" she asked. "Oh, it's just that the knot in the wall over there looks like a smiley face" I lamely replied, hoping to distract her. It worked, and that embarrassing moment was over. We finished changing and went back outside to play kick the can with the other kids who lived nearby until it got dark. Eddy's parents cooked dinner, everyone ate, and we went to bed. I woke up late the next morning, as I usually do, and Eddy was already up. Maive was standing in front of her bed, and I rolled over, grumbling and stretching a little, to look at her. She heard me and turned around, saying "Oh good, you're awake! Wanna help me in the bathroom?". I thought she meant cleaning the bathroom by that so I efforted myself out of bed, still in my pajamas, and followed her into the bathroom. She then pulled down her pajama bottoms and sat on the toilet. "Wanna watch?" she asked. "Okay" I replied, surprised. I leaned in, putting my head between her parted knees to see the stream coming out of her vagina. "Want to wipe it?". "Oh, no thanks, I'm good" I replied nervously, despite that I really wanted to and had a raging boner. She then wiped and flushed, and we left the bathroom together. Fortunately, her parents were on the lake fishing, and Eddy was playing his Gameboy in the loft, so nobody noticed.

My first introduction to voyeurism was about 25 years ago on holiday; I was in my early thirties. I had always enjoyed watching women on the beach topless. In the hotel pool changing room I noticed two small holes had been strategically drilled into a cubical wall. One was at chest height, the other just below waist level. I was curious and took a look, both spy holes provided a surprisingly wide view of the next cubicle. I decided to wait and see if anyone came to use it. After a few minutes I heard footsteps, I opened my cubicle door slightly to see who was coming. I was slightly disappointed at first as a woman in her mid 50s, who I had seen earlier on the poolside in a rather conservative red two piece costume, approached. She looked rather ordinary with curly permed hair and a rather plain complexion. I had hoped it would be a pretty younger girl. However, my disappointment soon disappeared and my heart began to race. I removed my swimming trunks to allow my cock some room to expand as it had already become erect in anticipation of what I was about to see.

As she was standing facing me, only a few inches away, I had a great view of her naked lower body and was able to examine it in detail while she continued to dry herself. Her belly was fully exposed now and I had a close up view of her stretch marks and other blemishes. Her pubic hair had obviously never been shaved; it covered the entire area between her legs and extended a little way down the inner aspect of her thighs. It also came up above her bikini line to about an inch below her belly button. Her large red pants had covered this area but now this vast expanse of hair was exposed for me alone to observe for my sexual pleasure. As this area was so thickly covered with hair I was unable to see her labia or any other part of her vulva.

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