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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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Silence Of The Sleep Download PC Game

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Silence of the Sleep Download PC Game

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In the extra downloadable content level, instead of exploring dreamlike locations, the player is taken to another house with the objective of finding and thawing five frozen dolls by playing music or turning on the TV. The gameplay is still the same, with the feminine figure haunting the player, but the player is also confronted by a fireplace monster in the underground section that advances and closes in through an aisle.

Later that night, Teddy is taken away from David by an unseen force. David goes after it and finds Teddy inside a washing machine. He unplugs it and takes him out. Teddy realizes that something is not right and that they must find Zoey. Along the way, they encounter a shadowy figure called Harald. The search leads them to discover a slide that takes them to a small playhouse within a cavern that is presumably under the house, and the door found inside it leads them into a journey through several surreal environments, consisting of an underground playground, a dilapidated mansion that has merged with a marshy forest, and a bizarre series of corridors created by hundreds of closets. Teddy instructs David to find four memories he shared with Zoey that will lead them to her. The memories take the forms of four objects: Her pendant from her necklace shown at the start of the game, the music box she plays to put him to sleep at night, the storybook, and the pink elephant. Throughout the search, David is pursued by a large, feminine, troll-like monster named Hydra and a creature with glowing white eyes named Heap, who has a coat as a body like the ones in David's closet earlier.

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