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Terminator 3 The Redemption

With the commercial failure of the Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines video game, Atari was hard-pressed to create another Terminator game based on the third movie. The sub-title Redemption is said to reflect both the "redemption" of the Terminator's mission half-way through the story and also to reflect a redemption for the Terminator franchise.

Terminator 3 The Redemption

The game follows the terminator that killed future resistance leader John Conner after it is reprogrammed by Conner's wife and second-in-command, Kate Brewster. The year is 2032, and the first of four acts covers the terminator's attempt to secure a time travel device and make it back to 2003. This act serves as an intense introduction to the multiple types of gameplay you will enjoy over the course of the adventure. The terminator stars out on foot but will hijack a truck, ride a helicopter, and commandeer a super-advanced tank on the way to its goal. Once it's in the past, it will find and protect John and Kate from a more advanced and far deadlier cyborg that hopes to wipe them out before they can even begin to pose a threat.

At the end of each of the fourteen levels, there's an opportunity to use any "terabytes" (data storage units) earned to upgrade the terminator's stats. Levels can be played over to gain any terabytes you may have missed - generally by beating the level more effectively. In addition to unlocking new attacks and increasing the benefit of life-restoring charge zones, upgrades can be applied to the terminator's special scan mode, which bathes the screen in red "termivision" and increases the damage done to enemies. Damage and duration can be increased and the length of time it takes to charge up can be decreased. It's up to you what upgrades are applied first, but you'll want to choose wisely, since there is so much to contend with.

Those who've seen the movie are probably wondering how the famous crane truck scene is handled in Redemption. The good news is that the chase is broken up into a couple of parts - one where you go after the crane truck and one where it comes after you. One segment has John Conner drive Kate's veterinarian truck while the terminator mans the guns; another has the cyborg on the roof of the getaway truck trying to get in. The main enemies of the game, the self-aware artificial intelligence Skynet and its agent, the TX, try to overwhelm you with force and numbers at each step of the way, and you will find that the crane truck is just one of many chase scenes that will see the terminator use a variety of vehicles and methods to accomplish its mission. In modern-day Los Angeles, you can jump from a motorcycle into a moving police car or ambulance, and in the future you can take over tons (literally) of high-tech machines. There is some flexibility as to what vehicle you can use in some places, to keep things fresh.

Compare Springsteen, too; though he is the ultimate Jersey boy made good, as was made amply clear in the concert at the Meadowlands, he's also been attracted to the vast and trackless American West, the open lands where you can lose yourself or find a kind of rough redemption. Seabiscuit speaks - well, neighs - for all America, the movie suggests; certainly, the screaming fans packing stadiums all over the country say the same for Springsteen. 041b061a72

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