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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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CD-Reef: The Ultimate Software for Simulating Marine Structures

Although there are so many natural and artificial ecosystem services that coral reefs provide, our knowledge of them is still insufficient. Thus, further basic research on coral reefs, in order to more clearly elucidate the relationships of reef function with physical and chemical processes, and identification of conserved habitats, is necessary. The above description of the wide-ranging effects of the recent corals bleaching in Okinawa is just a small part of the story. The real task is to collectively learn to lead our species away from the path of environmental destruction. Here we must unite around the common goal of self-preservation and prosperity.

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Coral reef restoration is a long process, and requires close cooperation between habitat managers, local communities, environmental impact assessment agencies and the scientific community. Much of the time, restoration projects do not garner attention from the public and are not immediately visible. Restoration projects require time to plan, obtain permits, collect and transport materials, assess the impact of the project, restore the area, and monitor the progress of the restoration. There are environmental and economic penalties associated with the restoration process. Some of the major factors delaying coral restoration include human population expansion and urban sprawl; the removal of native species for invasive replacement; the introduction of exotic species; the damaging of ocean habitats; illegal fishing; pollution; and coastal development. Coral ecosystems face a variety of stressors that are often unpredictable and depend on the local environment. Coral reef managers need to work with education and conservation groups to develop a comprehensive, broad-based plan to optimize conservation while minimizing socio-economic impact.

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